Extracting IgG from blood to cure diseases

Your immune system is your body's internal army to fight against disease. Sadly, in some people their immune system can turn against itself and start attacking them. These are called autoimmune diseases and can be very difficult to treat.


A special protein found in human blood called Immunoglobin (IgG) has been shown to help patients recover from autoimmune diseases. While there is plenty of this protein in healthy human blood, it is very difficult and expensive to extract it for the people who need it. Our project is to work with Prime Biologics and help refine their process. We are experimenting and finding ways to replace some of the very expensive chemicals they use (called buffers) with cheaper chemicals. However, we need to ensure that in changing the process, we can still extract the same amount of IgG and it is still very pure. If we can reduce the cost of the process, more patients will be able to afford it. We would like to make the process cheap enough that people in developing nations can have access to this life changing therapy. Once we refine the process, Prime can start extracting large amounts of IgG in their multimillion dollar blood fractionation facility in Singapore.

Thomas Dickinson, Lisa Cao & Lian Yang

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