Understanding gut microbes can help Crohn's disease patients

Our project is aimed at helping the hundreds of thousands of people across the world who suffer from Crohn's disease by understanding how the microbes in our gut interact and using this knowledge to develop a treatment.

Across the world, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from Crohn's disease. It causes pain, inflammation and a constant urgency to use a toilet. Because of these severe symptoms, suffers can even struggle to keep their job, or remain at school. Currently they are treated with various therapies, ranging from diets to complex medications but all with limited success. New research conducted by Vitramed Bioscience is using probiotic bacteria to treat Crohn’s disease. One of the complications of Crohn’s disease is the change that occurs in the gut microorganisms of sufferers, and addressing this change could provide a target for therapy. Our research involves growing probiotic microorganisms with gut microorganisms together in an environment that simulates the gut, and investigating how they interact. Despite their miniscule size, these organisms are very competitive in using up resources like oxygen, space and nutrients. Our findings will tell us more about how the probiotic works with an aim to provide an improved and lasting therapy that will allow suffers to regain their normal lifestyle.

Nisali Wellege, Vanessa Edwards & Isha Deshmukh


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