Thicker than water


Many life saving therapies come from proteins and factors extracted from human blood but are currently costly and time consuming to produce. Two students of The Future Project are working with Prime Biologics in a quest to make these more readily available.

Thomas Dickinson and Gerry Feng have been working with Kailing Wang and Roslyn Tedja from Prime Biologics to isolate specific proteins from blood plasma. Thomas has been looking at Albumin whereas Gerry has been investigating IgG (Immunoglobulins). Both of these proteins are vital for treating patients with a variety of diseases. The world leading technology developed by Prime Biologics will enable patients in developing nations to access these vital therapies which are currently denied to them because of exorbitant costs and supply. Thomas and Gerry's current line of investigation is centred on ensuring that a process to remove viral particles from the blood does not compromise the quality of the blood extracts.  

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