Turning Blood into Medicine

Yr 11 students from Cumberland High School, Feng Ye and Edison Ruan and Yr 11 student from Cherrybrook Technology High School, Matthew Ford are working with researcher from Aegros innovations Dr Olivier Laczka in the future project laboratory within The King’s School. Their aim is to contribute to the development of a new technology, allowing the extraction of medical substances from human blood. This will provide an easier access to health products for more people around the world.

 ElectroCyl is a new technology recently developed by the Aegros research team to extract therapeutics from human blood efficiently and at low cost. Many third-world or developing countries depend on expensive and time-consuming processes to get access to blood-related products and treat patients suffering from a broad range of diseases. The ElectroCyl is a cylindrical device that uses electricity to selectively pull out the target substances from blood. The aim of this research project is to better understand the electrical characteristics of the device, and thereby improve the efficiency of the process. The data collected from this study will contribute to the development of the final commercial module.

“I am thrilled to be part of a project that represents such a major scientific breakthrough and could potentially lead to saving millions of lives around the world” says Cumberland High School, Feng Ye. 

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