The Bleeding Edge - Predict Your Death

At-home blood sampling predicts future risk of deadly diseases and lifespan.

 The level of inflammatory proteins in blood is now accepted as a strong predictor of disease development and lifespan. Blood is the most tested tissue in medicine because analysis can inform doctors about a patient’s general health, immune system function and the health of organs such as the liver and kidneys. A key drawback of hospital blood testing is that patients are tested infrequently, usually when they are unwell, which provides little information on their normal levels of inflammatory proteins.  

 Sangui Bio is developing technology to enable people to regularly sample their blood at home using finger pricks and dried blood spots. Using this system people will obtain medically relevant information on their inflammatory markers and how those change over time in response to various lifestyle choices.

 The Sangui Bio Future Project team are testing various dried blood spot devices and assess a range of storage and protein extraction conditions. The goal of this project is to identify a protocol that enables people to sample themselves at-home and obtain the same quality of information as they would at a hospital. This is a key aspect of our goal to provide at-home testing kits for inflammation, which is a predictor of major deadly diseases, such as diabetes, kidney failure, cancer and heart disease.



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