Graduation 2015

The "night of nights" for The Future project concludes a fantastic year. Find out the who's who of graduands and prize winners...

2015 has been another year of growth and experimentation for The Future Project. The evening started with a poster and mingle time which allows guests to see the work of all the strands up close and being demonstrated by the students. Highlights of the night included the release of the second edition of The Journal and an inspiring talk by Mr Harrison Steel. Harrison is studying a double degree in advanced science majoring in Physics and Mathematics and a degree in mechanical Engineering (Space). He is also completing qualifications in synthetic biology and has work in Germany on particle accelerators and in the USA on a NASA mission. Just 5 years out of school, Harrison was able to connect with the students and inspired us all with his incredible exploits. 

Special Prize winners

For excellence in Science & Engineering Communication:

Thomas Denny and Edward Dwyer presented by Mr Harrison Steel from the University of Sydney

For excellence in Science & Engineering Research:

Casper Lu presented by Dr John Kavanagh from the University of Sydney

Vanessa Edwards presented by Dr Belinda Chapman from Vitramed Bioscience

Gerry Feng and Lian Yang presented by Dr Willow Norton from Prime Biologics

For excellence in Mechatronics

David Gailey presented by Mr Daniel Simmons from Vitramed Mechatronics

Graduating Senior Interns

Lisa Cao, Isha Deshmukh, Thomas Dickinson, Vanessa Edwards, Gerry Feng, David Gailey, Jordan Gao, Mark George, Nina Kettle, Vithushan Lingam, Oli Lock, Casper Lu, Markus Rangan, Ted Simpson, Nisali Wellege, Lian Yang

Award winners 2015

Graduating Junior Interns

Hu Chen, Hamish Foung, Bradley Gardner, Allen Guo, Ben Hines, Patrick Idiare, Jonluke Jammal, Matthew Joyce, Kyu-Sang Kim, Owen Mak, Andrew McIntosh, Adi Naarayanan, Methila Nanayakkara, Luke Oslington, Angus Padley, Henry Pascoe, Henry Roth, Joseph Rylance, Josh Walker, Jason Wan, Eugene Wang, Michael Wu, Christopher Yao.

Graduating Communicators

Arian Bhatia, Thomas Denny, Alexander Dunlop, Edward Dwyer, Kalvin Fernandez, William Giang, James Groutsis, Samuel Harrison, Justin He, Archer Holz, Geoffrey Luo, Angus Macdonald, Dominic McAuley, Ryan McShane, Jock Mitton, Mike Morgan, Razeen Parvez, Eddie Poolman, Dinesh Ratnam, Tim Sampson, Nik Sasic, Adesh Soni, Tarun Tandon, Yang Tao, Marcus Yuen.

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