Success at the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Conference Featured

On the 27 May 2015, two Year 11 boys, Gerry Feng and Thomas Dickinson, flew to Singapore in order to present their scientific research at a global student poster competition, held at the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) Conference.

The boys presented a scientific poster that outlined their work as Senior Interns in The Future Project. The Future Project provides an opportunity for science enthusiasts in Year 10 (Junior Interns) and Year 11 (Senior Interns) to collaborate with science and engineering researchers within our very own state-of-the-art Science Centre.

Tom and Gerry’s project was to test the effect of the solvent detergent treatment on the PrIME Plasma Fractionation Process for the purification of human albumin and IgG. In layman’s terms, the boys tested the compatibility of two established viral removal techniques to separate these two prominent proteins found in human blood plasma. These purified proteins can then be used in the manufacturing of life-saving products for developing nations.

The boys did fantastically well, placing third in the competition. This result is even more impressive when considering the top two positions were taken out by PhD students and university undergraduates made all but two of the presentations. The boys did brilliantly just to be selected to present, given the vast number of applications.

Tom and Gerry have been working with PrIME Biologics: a plasma fractionation company that manufactures life saving therapeutic products in Singapore. The company generously sponsored the boys’ visit to the conference and following their presentation they were able to visit PrIME’s main processing plant. This was an incredibly unique experience that the boys will never forget.

Overall, the trip was an extremely enriching experience and the boys represented the school with great distinction. We cannot thank PrIME Biologics enough for their wonderful and generous tutelage of these budding young scientists.

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