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This year we have been fortunate to be partnered with a number of secondary schools and research organisations. Schools have included Baulkham Hills High School, Cherrybrook Technology High School, Cumberland High School, Mount St Benedict’s College, Snowy Mountains Grammar School, and The King’s School. Together with our incredible scientists have created this record of scientific excellence in research.

Yr 11 students from Cumberland High School, Feng Ye and Edison Ruan and Yr 11 student from Cherrybrook Technology High School, Matthew Ford are working with researcher from Aegros innovations Dr Olivier Laczka in the future project laboratory within The King’s School. Their aim is to contribute to the development of a new technology, allowing the extraction of medical substances from human blood. This will provide an easier access to health products for more people around the world.

Ever since the arrival of Penicillin in 1928, there has been major development in other antibiotics to supplement the immune system. Class 1 integrons have played a major role in the global spread of antibiotic resistance which poses a dilemma for the future treatment of bacterial infections.  Imagine a world where a simple infected cut could kill you, it would be devastating!

Justin Kam and Ethan Tang, from Cherrybrook Technology High School, as well as Andre Fisher, from Mount St Benedict College, have been working as interns alongside Tony Jerkovic in The Kings School PC2 Laboratory. Together, they have been working on developing a new technology to assist in plasma fractionation.

Have you ever thought about what’s in the food you’re eating? Have you ever wondered if there was anything that could grow in your food? With the food health and safety regulations, there’s no need to wonder. But what if you were a horse?

At-home blood sampling predicts future risk of deadly diseases and lifespan.

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