Student Engagement Strands


This is the flagship strand of The Future Project, bringing students directly into the working lives of scientists and engineers.

Senior Interns get to work shoulder to shoulder with practicing scientists and engineers, contributing to solving real problems. Students have a high level of ownership of a particular project that is part of the bigger picture being tackled. 

Junior Interns are schooled in all the skills needed to participate in genuine research and have the chance to prove themselves worth of being selected as a senior intern.


Mechatronics Interns

An exciting alternative intern strand has students working in real projects in the biosciences field that centre around mechatronics - the fusion of mechanics (physical things) and electronics (computer control systems). In the past, students have created diagnostic tools which are currently being used to diagnose patients with Helicobacter Pylori infections.

Communicators - Public presenters

These students gain invaluable skills in communicating science and engineering. Working closely with the other strands, these students understand and then tell the story of science and engineering in an engaging way. This is a critical skill, as the ability to communicate research clearly and in a relevant manner often drives the success of a research project. It is increasingly important for scientists and engineers to be adept communicators.

Forums aimed at the broader community are a highlight of the year. Public Presenters design and run these forums, inviting experts on a topic and making science and engineering accessible to all. Our past forums can be found here.

 Video is an effective tool that these students learn to use, creating engaging documentaries of the work of the Inters and other scientists. See some of the incredible stories these students have created here.

Communicators - School Presenters

Students with a passion to learn skills in communicating science - especially to a younger audience - create fantastic immersion experiences for visiting students in Years 4-6. Visiting students in the past were engaged in learning about buoyancy and lighter than air craft, experimenting and getting to pilot a quadcopter drone. This fun strand of the Future Project gives students vital communication skills they will use of the rest of their lives.


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